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About Us

We are three local venetian guys who decided that our town deserved a place where Venetian residents and visitors alike could find the best ingredients of the Italian cuisine.

In our Gourmet Shop you will find the best ingredients of the Italian culinary tradition.

Recently we have also decided that these amazing ingredients that we are sourcing all over our beloved Italy had to be tasted and experienced directly and so now we don’t only sell our products but also give our customers the chance to experience them combining them in some amazing Panini and Tiramisù.

If you like or would like to experience Truffles (Tartufo) on a whole new level we have a huge selection of both black and white truffle products (fresh and bottled) .



Why Tiramisù? Because we like it and is one of the most recognized local treat for sweet lovers. Wether you like it with is classic coffe flavour or you want to try one of our experimental fusion recipes our Tiramisù will give you a big smile and complement the whole venetian experience. Please bear in mind that if you are planning to sneak some of our Tiramisù back in your hotel room or apartment we do offer Take Away ;-)